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Music thank you for joining me for the third phase of the Eagle Scout process in phase one we talked mainly about scheduling making sure that all of the merit badges are completed and all of the tasks that are needed that are done in a timely manner keeping in mind with all the scheduling constraints of the troop and of the youths life whether it be school or vacations or whatever is coming up in their time that's very critical to a mentor to cover all of those things in scheduling in part two we talked a lot about the actual process of filling out the workbook towards a project the critical points are the four signatures that start the project and the two signatures that end the project that is critical the project will come up in the border review in phase three we are going to discuss the Eagle Scout application process this is critical to be done in a very timely manner all of this is critical towards getting your Eagle Scout board or review so close adherence to the process is critical to getting all of the things done and so that there are no unforeseen snags later on most councils will have a designated person that's in charge of advancement this person also takes care of Eagle Scout applications and make sure that everything is logged into Scout net the council advancement may have a checklist that will make it very easy for the Scout to go through this process there are many places where this can be messed up so ask your local council whether you should get this information and is there a checklist for Eagle Scout applications The Life Scout meet with the troops advancement team to find out if they can get a printout from Council of the scouts advancements this will have all the dates and mayor badges listed that have been put into scout net once you have this information you can download a copy of the actual Eagle Scout application there will be a link below so that you can link to it easily the life Scout will need to start working on a life statement this statement is quite clearly what the Scout is intending to do later after scouting whether it be going off to school or starting a career these things are covered in the life statement there really isn't a set amount of work that's needed to be done on a life statement this could be as simple as put in a single paragraph or it could be a single page try to keep the life statement short and to the point this will help the border review develop questions and make sure that the Scout is being guided down the right path towards his life goals the mentor and the Scoutmaster can be great resources to look over this life statement have discussion with your life Scout about this statement it.


When is the last possible date to submit an Eagle Scout rank application?
All Eagle Scout requirements must be completed before your 18th birthday, barring an exception for special needs. This includes “merit badges, service project, active participation, Scout spirit, position of responsibility, and unit leader conference.” Guide to Advancement 2022 section [As of 11/6/16 the 2022 version is the most current.]However the signatures need not be dated before the Scout’s 18th birthday. (ibid, #2, also Section mentions that a copy should be made of the application, service project workbook, etc. and once the copies are in safekeeping, the originals should be delivered promptly to the council service center. It says timeliness is especially critical if the candidate is approaching or has already turned 18.So clearly, although the work must be completed before the 18th birthday, the application needn’t be turned in by then. The Guide to Advancement recommends that the work be hand delivered if possible, but suggests registered or certified mail if that is not possible.“There is no requirement that the application must be completed or submitted before the 18th birthday. Councils do not have the authority to reject applications submitted on or after that date.” (Guide to Advancement section Board of Review will be scheduled after all records have been submitted to National and verified, then returned to the local council. No special permission is required for a Board of Review within 3 months after the 18th birthday (hence a good reason to submit your packet in a timely fashion).Between 3 and 6 months after the 18th birthday a letter of explanation for the delay is required, as is special permission from the local council. At 6 months past the 18th birthday or beyond, it becomes a real pain. Letters must be sent to National and permission granted to have a late Board of Review. Don’t be in this situation.Best bet, as everyone will tell you, is to get it all done as early as possible.
What kind of effect does being an Eagle Scout have on college applications?
Becoming an Eagle Scout does (usually) look great on an application, because it requires commitment, hard work, persistence, initiative in coming up with projects, and indicates a willingness to help others. Becoming an Eagle Scout is very difficult, and if you accomplish that while doing very well academically, then it’s a sign that you can handle a lot of work at once. I met three Eagle Scouts while at MIT. Outside of college, I knew one person who had managed to become an Eagle Scout, and that was my dad, who went to Dartmouth. I don’t remember meeting anyone at MIT who was a Boy Scout but hadn’t become an Eagle Scout (except for maybe a couple people who did like a year of Cubs when they were eight or whatever, which doesn’t really count.)My friends who were Eagle Scouts told me all about what it takes to achieve that, and it is not for the faint of heart. It therefore would undoubtedly look impressive on a college application to be an Eagle Scout. But my guess is that if you try to become an Eagle Scout solely for the purpose of making your college application look better, then you are unlikely to succeed. It seems you need to show real leadership and dedication to being the best Scout you can be for the sake of others, and if that alone doesn't motivate you, then it will likely be very hard to push yourself to do it over the length of time it takes. Also, all the schools you mentioned like to interview students and get a personal take on their activities. If your only motivation for becoming an Eagle Scout is to get into college, then that is likely to be apparent in an interview. And that certainly won’t help your application - top-tier universities like the ones you mentioned want students to have drive and passion for the things that they do and not just do them as a stepping stone to get into college.
What percentage of Boy Scouts reach the Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts of America? How long does it take?
Of all Boy Scouts, only about 3–5% of them become Eagle Scouts.However, this includes all Boy Scouts, even those who dropped out after a few months or barely participate. For those who put forth the effort and truly desire the award, success rates are much higher.That doesn’t mean it’s easy. If it were, the numbers would be a lot higher than 3–5% and it wouldn’t be as respected as it is. A lot of time, energy, leadership, and sometimes blood sweat and tears are needed to get there.As for the timing, it really does depend. I was in Scouts for a decade (including Cub Scouts) and earned my Eagle award late, six days before my 18th birthday. The earliest you could technically do it is around 12 or 13, assuming you started at 10 and really just did it all in a whirlwind. Most take longer and earn it around 16 or 17, and sometimes at 18 (there are limits to that). In my opinion, as a scout you shouldn’t focus everything on Eagle. Start your required badges early and always be planning for it, but take the opportunity to enjoy the program. Go to Philmont, volunteer, go on bike rides and hikes and everything else. You will develop leadership skills and personal growth that you didn’t think possible, and that will make your Eagle award all the more rewarding. Despite all of the blisters and cuts, the long miles and cold nights and sunburns and bug bites and sometimes worse, scouting is a truly transformative experience. Enjoy the journey. If I had to do my ten years of scouting again, I would in a heartbeat.
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How do I fill out the CAT 2022 application form?
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How many Eagle Scout ranks are awarded a year?
It varies every year, but the number quoted is 5% of all Scouts. In 2022 there were 52,160 newly minted Eagles. More information can be found here: Eagle Scout Class of 2022. A comprehensive look at the numbers
How much does attaining the rank of Eagle Scout affect your life?
It has a two-fold impact I believe. I built up a lot of self-confidence as a 15 year old by attaining something that takes a lot of work and dedication. I knew that if I persevered and worked hard I could do anything. The other big impact is how society perceived me. I was not just another kid but a kid who had gotten his Eagle Scout. Adults put more trust in me than other kids my age.Attaining Eagle Scout is like getting a college degree or successfully serving in the armed services, it’s a marker that society uses to vet an individual as someone who is able to learn, possesses inner discipline, and is honest in nature.To this day if I meet someone and they mention they were an Eagle Scout I put more stock into them as a person but generally if I have spent any time with them I will already have a suspicion that they are Eagle Scouts. It shows.
How many African boy scouts reach the Eagle rank?
None. Eagle Scout is the highest attainable rank only in the Boy Scouts of America, and the scouting program of the Philippines. The highest rank in other countries varies but is often something like "King's Scout".
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