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Instructions and Help about Eagle scout rank application 2022

Music thank you for joining me for the third phase of the Eagle Scout process in phase one we talked mainly about scheduling making sure that all of the merit badges are completed and all of the tasks that are needed that are done in a timely manner keeping in mind with all the scheduling constraints of the troop and of the youths life whether it be school or vacations or whatever is coming up in their time that's very critical to a mentor to cover all of those things in scheduling in part two we talked a lot about the actual process of filling out the workbook towards a project the critical points are the four signatures that start the project and the two signatures that end the project that is critical the project will come up in the border review in phase three we are going to discuss the Eagle Scout application process this is critical to be done in a very timely manner all of this is critical towards getting your Eagle Scout board or review so close adherence to the process is critical to getting all of the things done and so that there are no unforeseen snags later on most councils will have a designated person that's in charge of advancement this person also takes care of Eagle Scout applications and make sure that everything is logged into Scout net the council advancement may have a checklist that will make it very easy for the Scout to go through this process there are many places where this can be messed up so ask your local council whether you should get this information and is there a checklist for Eagle Scout applications The Life Scout meet with the troops advancement team to find out if they can get a printout from Council of the scouts advancements this will have all the dates and mayor badges listed that have been put into scout net once you have this information you can download a copy of the actual Eagle Scout application there will be a link below so that you can link to it easily the life Scout will need to start working on a life statement this statement is quite clearly what the Scout is intending to do later after scouting whether it be going off to school or starting a career these things are covered in the life statement there really isn't a set amount of work that's needed to be done on a life statement this could be as simple as put in a single paragraph or it could be a single page try to keep the life statement short and to the point this will help the border review develop questions and make sure that the Scout is being guided down the right path towards his life goals the mentor and the Scoutmaster can be great resources to look over this life statement have discussion with your life Scout about this statement it.

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