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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Eagle scout workbook 2022

Instructions and Help about Eagle scout workbook 2022

The highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting is the Eagle Scout rank and only dedicated Scouts can attain this prestigious achievement by completing certain requirements one requirement is to earn the preceding Boy Scout ranks Tenderfoot second class first-class star and then finally life however you need some merit badges in order to rank up to star Scout and light scale which leads to another requirement earning merit badges to be an Eagle Scout 21 merit badges must be earned but all of them must include the Eagle required merit badges first aid citizenship in the community nation and world communications environmental science personal fitness camping family life personal management either emergency preparedness or life-saving and any among cycling hiking or swimming scouts must be sure to meet those merit badge counselors at summer camp or even near home merit badge books can't hurt either an additional requirement is for Scouts to serve in a leadership position for six months such positions may include senior patrol leader assistance in your patrol leader patrol leader den chief instructor scribe quartermaster or chaplains aide Scouts can basically be anything besides assistant patrol leader because they don't really do anything now for the most important requirement to becoming an Eagle Scout the Scout must be a life scout which means a minimum of eleven merit badges seminar which are eco required leadership experience would also be very helpful the requirement is the Eagle Scout service project or Eagle project for short in simple terms the Scout should organize an initiative to pra service for a religious institution a school or to a community as a side note the Boy Scouts of America do not account for this project you will need the Eagle Scout service project workbook a very important resource the Scout service project proposal which should include details about the project itself and who would benefit and how must be approved by the beneficiary the unit leader the unit committee and the Council or district advancement committee only doing some chores for the local church probably won't cut it what everyone is looking for or is the demonstration of planning development and leadership which usually involves organizing basic logistics and volunteers to do a somewhat complicated task the task in question can range from delivering some 3,000 proper recycling procedures pamphlets to building a bridge for a national park an eagle project idea really only needs some imagination in regard for others needs after project approval comes project planning the procedures can vary widely depending on the project but generally Scouts must finalize the schedule collect the necessary resources including funds tools and supplies create safety regulations find volunteers and then execute the project however in all cases Scouts should record their progress in logistics within their Eagle Scout service workbook by the end of the project the workbook should all be filled it will be needed when the Scout is interviewed in the Scoutmaster conference and the border.

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