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Eagle Scout Application process Form: What You Should Know

Lima Gila, Arizona ­­­­­­­­­­‐Mayflower Council, Boy Complete Your Application Online and Submit Your Application for Achieved Scout Advancement on Time. All documents and forms are available for download.  Scouts must complete this application form and then submit their application for achieved Scout advancement to be considered. Please,  Note: Do NOT use the Scout application form on my-scouts.org or any other online source for application process information. The Scout must complete the official Eagle Scout Rank Application, No. 512-728,  before submitting any materials and be accepted into the Eagle program. The Scout should have completed the  scouted-out-board-review process prior to submitting the required materials. The completed official Eagle Scout Rank Application is sent directly to the Scouting division of your choice, as  the Eagle Scout program is a national process and not subject to change or discontinuation at the  request of the district. If approved, the Scout will be awarded the Eagle Award and rank! This application must be completed BEFORE  you move your Eagle Scout project or meeting to your new home. Please, be advised that if you already have your application, you will not be granted Eagle. You MUST re-open  your application. We suggest that your application be mailed to and scanned into our ESR (Eagle Service Ribbon)  database.  Your completed application or scan of your Eagle Scout application must include the following form (this is the form required to move to the  Frequently Asked Questions section): 1.  ame: Note: Be specific if not already present. 2. Social Security Number (SSN): 3. Social Security Number (SSN): 4. County or State Code (in 4 digit format): 5. State: 6. Opcode (7-digit zip code): 7. County: 8. City, County or State: 9. Daytime (weekdays 6AM to 6 PM, excluding holidays): 10. Address of Scout Activity or meeting: 11. Year/Year-and-two Quarter Date: 12. Year: 13.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Eagle Scout Application process

Instructions and Help about Eagle Scout Application process

Hi, Mary! Bob White here with Sattar Brook High School. Student Michael Maniscalco, who has been a member of Boy Scout Troop 213 in town for several years, is attempting to attain the high honor of Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout designation was created over 100 years ago, and only 4% of Boy Scouts are granted this prestigious honor. It requires earning 21 merit badges and going through a lengthy application and review process. These requirements are rigorous and take years to fulfill. The final obligation is to organize a community project. Michael was granted approval by the Boy Scouts of America to do a renovation project at Avon Park last year. We made an introduction video to familiarize residents with his project and encourage others to support his efforts. In this video, we will be providing a status update and timeline on the completion of the project. Now, I'll let Michael bring you up to speed on what he's been doing and the progress he's made so far. "Hi, my name is Michael Maniscalco, and I'm from Boy Scout Troop 213. My Eagle Scout project started as a renovation of Avon Park and Sandra, but it turned into a replacement of the playground to make it handicap accessible for the children of this town. Recently, with the help of the mayor and the town, I've received an open-space grant from the state to benefit my project and expand the playground further." Michael, in the last video we did last year, you mentioned that you had a few fundraisers planned to get the community more involved and supportive of your project. Can you explain what you did? "Sure! My first fundraiser was a pizza fundraiser, and for my second one, I organized a car wash. Since then, I have been doing a...