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Eagle Scout life ambitions essay example Form: What You Should Know

My Ambitions and Life Purpose. Aaron First Letter of Ambition Aaron First Letter of Ambition Eagle Scout Statement of Life. Eagle Scout Statement of Life is a letter of declaration about how you intend to accomplish your Scout dreams by the time you are 20. It was used in a previous generation so be aware the age has changed over the years. It's also an excellent document to use if you're considering joining an organization. Eagle Scout Statement of Life The reason this is a great document to use before you join a Boy's or Girl's organization is because it helps answer all the following questions… Why do you want to become an Eagle Scout, and what are you trying to accomplish? Why do you want to be an Eagle Scout? Are you willing to sacrifice? What kind of sacrifices do you plan on making? How much will it cost you? How many are you willing to make? What kind of sacrifices are you willing to make? How much time will it cost you? How many are you willing to make in the meantime? If I join what kind of organization can I expect to accomplish my dreams? What is your current job, and what are your future plans and expectations? Are you confident you can continue working in that job into the future? Tell the Board of Review why you are the ideal candidate for your position and also tell them how you plan on keeping your expectations for yourself and your job high! Tell the Board of Review what your goals and dreams are. What are you willing to sacrifice to get there? What sacrifices have you made to reach those goals? What kind of sacrifices do you plan to make? How have your goals changed over the years? What is your current employment history, and how does that compare to your goals? Have new goals arisen since last you were interviewed? Have your responsibilities changed over the years? You want to serve a Scout's family, but you don't want to deal with the mundane details. This document will help you tell your Scout Council, National Council, and other Scouting organizations about what you want to do.

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Instructions and Help about Eagle Scout life ambitions essay example

Northern California high school student just finished an Eagle Scout service project that could save lives during a school shooting. Reporter Adrian Moore shows us how a simple piece of cloth could protect students by keeping them hidden. It's the last thing students want to think about, what to do if a gunman is on campus. In case of an active shooter and they need to cover up the window, they can just throw it on easily. If they need to peek and look outside of the window, they can easily roll it up, look outside, and then pull it back down. Scott Keel is installing magnetic curtains to keep students, teachers, and staff safe at Folsom High School. It's kind of like a pillowcase design, and then magnets are glued with ease and they stay on securely. The current life scout made the curtains his Eagle Scout service project after a little inspiration from his mom, who is a teacher at the school. Originally, they were going to hire someone to make all the curtains, but his mom suggested doing it as a service project to save money. About two weeks ago, he measured every single window for a fraction of the cost. School administrators say Scott's curtains complement the safety tools already in place across the district, adding an extra layer of concealment. These window coverings will enhance the precautionary measures for student safety, providing a protective cover shielding students and staff from danger should it ever make its way onto campus. Even though bad things are happening, good people are coming and helping out. Adrian Moore reporting in all. Scott and a team of volunteers installed more than a hundred curtains at Folsom High. By the way, he has just three more merit badges to go before...