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How to prepare Eagle Scout Rank Application 2017-2023

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Fill every single area in the form providing valid information. If there is a signature area, you could add your eSignature to make the file lawfully valid.
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About Eagle Scout Rank Application 2017-2023

To download the Eagle Scout rank application for the 2 year, see the 2023 application link below! Eagle Scout rank applications are only two pages. Click to download this year's form. How to fill out an Eagle Scout rank application for 2017: You'll first need to choose your Scouting Honorary Scout rank which will then be completed in your rank application. You'll need to write a short personal statement, and then have your local council verify your rank through an official written statement. This is a really quick and easy process — you'll complete this step once you have your rank application processed and have received all your required personal and official information. Here is how the Eagle Scout rank application process works. It should only take an hour to complete! To download the Eagle Scout rank application for 2017: Click below: The Eagle Scout application for 2023 can be found here. The BSA's 2023 Eagle Scouting rank application is only 2 pages. You can get it here. It should only take an hour to complete! 1. Fill out the Eagle Scout rank application. Once you have received your rank application for 2017, you'll have an opportunity to update the information with the current date. You'll need to sign these documents to complete your Eagle Scout rank application process: Your Eagle Scout Award Letter (or one that has not expired) Your Eagle Scout Award Ribbon (or one that has not expired) Copy of official letter from the Girl Scouts of the USA showing your membership (i.e. National Council Award, or your Girl Scout level 1, level 2, or level 3) Copy of official letter from the Boy Scouts of America showing your membership Copies of official National Eagle Scout merit badges (i.e. Eagle Scout, Eagle Scout First Class, Eagle Scout Merit Badge, or Eagle Scout Merit Badge) A statement from your district council If you did not receive formal approval to serve as an Eagle Scout when you completed the Eagle Scout National Leadership Program (ENL) in 2008, you'll want to also include documentation of that approval in your Eagle Scout rank application.

Eagle Scout Application Form

The most socially active scouts of America that are older than 18 can submit the Eagle Rank Application. It is a huge responsibility, thus the preparation should be completed in details. An applicant needs to complete the editable Eagle Scout Application Form for getting a rank and prepare and the Eagle Scout project application form for a service project. On 2018, this document can be filled out on PDFfiller website and the user will eliminate additional research and conversions to the other format. The templates are verified by the local council, thus they should be carefully proofread. An electronic sample is completed online provides a room for improvement. The sample will look perfect and the user will avoid delays, and be returning for correction.


Every boy scout or that wants to achieve the higher rank should complete Eagle Scout Application Pdf using such tips:


  1. Upload the template from your computer or find it using the inner search of the website.
  2. The document opens in the editor automatically.
  3. If there are no fields included you may add them manually with Add fillable fields tool.
  4. Type in all necessary information to every part of the document. In order to avoid misunderstandings with dates, copy information from your personal profile.
  5. Include all the six references, one may be eliminated if you do not have employment.
  6. Sign the sample with a finger on your touchpad or draw it with a mouse. Note, that every signature should be included after the applicant’s eighteenth birthday.
  7. Save the template in PDF or word and send the signature request to the local council.
  8. Also, the user may download the personal form to the internal storage of his device to keep an extra copy.


Be ready to prthe certificates and numerous supplementary information to support all the given information. Do not forget to prepare a well-planned and thoughtful project to solve the social problem. Be ready to include a fundraising point to the template if the budget of your project increases $1500.


Eagle Scout Rank Application opens a person the wide opportunities such as scholarship in the University. Fill out your templates with PDFfiller and save your time making every document look professional.

Online alternatives aid you to arrange your doc management and improve the productiveness of the workflow. Carry out the fast guide as a way to finished Eagle Scout Rank Application 2023 – 2019, keep clear of mistakes and furnish it inside of a timely method:

How to complete a Eagle Scout Rank Application?

  1. On the website with all the variety, simply click Commence Now and pass towards editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the appropriate fields.
  3. Include your personal knowledge and make contact with facts.
  4. Make positive that you simply enter accurate info and numbers in best suited fields.
  5. Carefully test the subject matter belonging to the form in addition as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer to help you part for those who have any problems or deal with our Support team.
  7. Put an electronic signature on the Eagle Scout Rank Application 2023 – 2023 using the help of Signal Device.
  8. Once the form is accomplished, press Executed.
  9. Distribute the completely ready kind by using e-mail or fax, print it out or preserve in your device.

PDF editor lets you to definitely make changes towards your Eagle Scout Rank Application 2023 – 2023 from any on-line linked unit, customize it in accordance with your preferences, signal it electronically and distribute in several methods.

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FAQ - Eagle Scout Rank Application 2017-2023

What are the benefits of Eagle Scout Rank Application 2017–2019? Eagle Scout Rank Application 2017 and 2018, 2018 and 2017 and 2017 and 2016, and 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018, and 2014. Read on for a full list of requirements, including some additional details about application deadlines. How Does the Application Process Work? When can you apply to be an Eagle Scout? Election day occurs in August. Check your local Scoutmaster's office for the date when you can submit your application. Scout Troop Leaders/District Officers may submit applications on the Scout's behalf. The Application will be sent to our National Office, where it will be reviewed by our National Executive Board, Board of Review, to make certain it is compatible with National Law. To register for the election on August 30, check the local Scoutmaster's office. If you live outside your district, we may ask you to bring an Application with you. However, you can register online here. How Do You Become an Eagle Scout? To become an Eagle Scout, you must fulfill the requirements listed at the top of this page. You will also need to answer the Scout Oath and Law. To make sure you fulfill all requirements, you must complete the Scout Oath and Law after receiving an Eagle Scout Award. Can Scouts from all districts be an Eagle Scout? A Scout can choose to become an Eagle Scout if: He/She is a resident in the local Scout District. He/She has earned an Eagle Scout award or is an Eagle member in good standing. Furthermore, he/She resides in the district he/she becomes an Eagle Scout in. His/Her parent(s)/legal guardian has given permission for the Scout to enlist through the District Scout Program. Can Eagle Scouts be in more than one district? If a Scout has earned an Eagle in more than one District, the eligible District of Eagle must be a part of the National District to which the Scout was born before August 12, 2016. After August 12, 2016, all district Eagle Scouts must be in the same District; District Executive Board members are required to inform the Board if they change their District. Can they be a lifetime member of a specific district? When the Eagle Scout award was introduced in 2013, it required that a Scout be a member of the district his/her parent was in.
Please note that this application is for your personal information. We will not send you any application materials. If you are planning to start an Eagle Scout camp or program at an age where you're not ready to be a Scout, you should use your own application as mentioned above and make sure you contact the program director and the camp committee before you register. If you are planning to get started a program while not an Eagle Scout and want more background information for each of the following, check with the individual program director. Checklists for completing the Eagle Scout Rank Application 2 Scouting's Eagle Scout Standards The Eagle Scout rank is reserved for the most dedicated Scout: one who embodies the standards of the Scout Oath. Our goals are to inspire future leaders by instilling a common shared understanding of our Scout Values. By doing so, Eagle Scouts give others their trust, and ultimately help change a culture at Scouting. Eagle Scout Requirements The requirements for Eagle Scouts are outlined on page 3 of the 2 issue of Scouting magazine. What does the rank cost? When you complete your Eagle Scout application for 2, you will receive a credit card authorization. This is your credit card number that Scoutmaster's Office staff may charge in order to process your application. Please note: the authorization is issued by the National Retail Federation, and should not be charged to your credit card. However, you may be charged for a service to send an application to us. For more information on charges, contact us at 888-Scout. Your application must be received by October 10, 2018, for next year's requirements; after that, the application will be processed as usual. More details on fees are available here. Eagle Scout Pack and Camping Requirements This is the current policy. Eagle Scout Awards What is the Eagle Scout Award? The Eagle Scout Award represents the highest rank available to U.S. Boy Scouts. It is awarded to those Scouts that have met the requirements to attain Eagle Scout Rank. The rank is awarded to boys to mark their ability to carry the torch of Scouting on their own, to show an interest in and leadership in Scouting activities, and to inspire others. All Eagle Scouts have equal right to the rank of Eagle Scout, however some characteristics are more important than others.
A complete application must be completed by April 11 of the current year (December 31 of the previous year). Each school year, schools submit their applications on December 31. A new application for high school (grades 10 through 11) and elementary schools is available for download at A new application for high school (grades 9-10) and elementary schools (grades 6 through eight) is available for download at A new application for high school (grades 8-10) and elementary schools is available for download at You can find specific information about application requirements for a wide range of institutions, including high schools, colleges, community colleges, and universities, by visiting. Where do I go to obtain my Eagle Scout merit badge? Eagle Scout merit badges are distributed at every school and district meeting during the week, and will be available online at. What about Eagle Scout Service Achievement and Award badges? Eagle Scout Service Achievement and Award badges will be distributed in January 2019. Visit for information about service and honor award badges. What is the difference between the “Varsity,” the “District” and the “Area” categories? The Eagle and District merit badges are offered to high school and high school-aged Eagle Scouts who meet the Eagle Scout qualification criteria established by the Boy Scouts of America. The Eagle Scout Service Achievement badge is offered to any high school or high school-aged Eagle Scout who has earned an Eagle Scout merit badge as well as another merit badge approved by the Superintendent of Schools. This is the “Varsity” category. For other Eagle Scout service achievement badges, see Eagle Scout Service Achievement and Award. The Area badge is an honor awarded to any high school or high school-aged Eagle Scout who has earned an Eagle Scout service badge for a grade or class.
Yes, the Eagle Scout Rank Application 2 page was developed for applications that are completed beginning in 2019. In 2018, you may also apply for any prior year's rank application at the rank application web link above, from your Eagle Scout pack. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2018 Eagle Scouts must pay the eagle scout rank application fee. This is an estimate for you to consider. The costs will vary depending on the application type you select (Online, Paper etc.). Your Eagle Scout Pack may have extra fees. These fees are non-refundable if you are not elected. If you choose to pay the fee online, it will be processed as an out-of-group non-refundable fee. NOTE: Eagle Scout applications or applications submitted after the close of applications for 2 will be processed in 2018, and not 2017. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2017 Eagle Scouts need not pay an online application fee at this time. The application fee for the Eagle Scout Rank Application is 25.00. This fee is an estimate for you to consider. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2016 Eagle Scouts need not pay the online application fee for eagle tor rank application in 2016. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2015 (updated March 18, 2015) Current Eagle Scouts are eligible for an online application fee for application in 2015. This is an estimation. Please refer to the link above. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2014 Eagle Scouts are eligible for an online application fee for the application for 2015. Please refer to the link above. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2013 Eagle Scouts will be eligible to take advantage of the online application fee for the 2013 Eagle application in 2013. This fee is an estimate. Please refer to the link above. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2012 Eagle scouts will be given the option of paying the application for 2012 rank application fee to be used in 2011. Please refer to the link above. EAGLE SCOUT RANK APPLICATION FEE — 2011 (updated November 5, 2011) Eagles can now apply for their Eagle Scout rank application up through the end of 2010.
Complete the application, including the required questions, and return to the appropriate application center no later than March 2019. What should I do with Eagle Scout Rank Application and Eagle Scout Rank Decals 2017 – 2019 when they are not needed because I no longer serve in the organization? If you no longer want/wish to receive Eagle Scout benefits, we suggest that you withdraw the application, attach the Decals to your letter, and mail it in to Eagle Scout Service Center to return later. I left The Boy Scouts of America or The Scouters, when is my receipt? Please send your Eagle Scout Rank application, a letter stating your resignation or separation (if applicable), and any Eagle Scout Decals (if applicable) to the Eagle Scout Service Center. Eagle Scout Service Center can be reached at. Where can I learn more about The Boy Scouts of America? To learn more about The Boy Scouts of America, visit the BSA national site at.
The Scouting Foundation is in contact with each local Scouting unit for the 2017 applications. For 2019 applications, the local councils may be contacted via e-mail or at the Scouting Headquarters in Salt Lake City. The following link is from the Scouting Foundation website. This page can be viewed using any of these internet browsers. These links are from the Scouting Foundation website.
All documents that will help our Scouts reflect the Scout spirit, which include: Official Scouts Promise and Law, including the Promise of Privacy, and the Oath of Citizenship and the Eagle Scout Honor and Promise. Official Scout Handbook; however, it is not necessary to send a copy of the Eagle Scout Handbook. Completed and signed Scout Oath and Scout Law Form Completed Scout Pledge Card Completed Application for Eagle Scout Rank Completed Eagle Scout Application Completed and signed application for official Eagle Scout Award Completed and signed application for Official Eagle Scout Merit Award Completed Scout Record Form and Attached to the Eagle Scout Form Completed and signed Application for the Eagle Scout Achievement Award Completed and signed application for the Special Award for Merit Completed documentation for the National Honor Society or Scout Oath and Law Committee Please consult the Boy Scout National Merit Award page for more information on the Eagle Scout award process. How do I apply for Eagle Scout Rank? Download and complete an Eagle Scout Program Application. We do not accept online applications for Scout rank. A personal email address and a personal photo ID are required, along with a valid driver's license or passport. If you currently are not an Eagle Scout, we do not accept you for an Eagle Scout program until you have been certified as an Eagle Scout. You must apply in person at your Scoutmaster's office. If you are currently an Eagle Scout, you will be able to bring a copy of your Eagle Scout Award in your application. Note: Each Scout may apply for the rank after January 1st. This is to give scouts who are not on the Council's waiting list additional time to be evaluated and invited by the Council's Board of Review Committee. Do you hire members of the Boy Scout Council that may help me apply for Eagle Scout rank? It depends on the type of Eagle Scout application, but usually it is the Scout's counselor who helps with the rank application. We will hire an Eagle Scout Program Manager if you have a question in front of you regarding the rank process, and we don't have an Eagle Scout counselor. All Council staff will assist you and be available to answer your questions as they relate to the rank process. Do you offer programs/gifts in exchange for an Eagle Scout Rank? Unfortunately, our Eagle Scout Rank application does not offer any sort of compensation for applications or information for free.
The Eagle Scout Rank Application 2017 – 2019 helps you to identify those youths who are eligible for the Eagle Scout award. We recommend you complete this application so that we will be able to evaluate your application thoroughly, making sure that it meets the strict Eagle Scout Application Criteria. What are the application requirements? First Aid, life skills, and leadership skills required by the Boy Scouts of America are all evaluated by the Scouting program in this application. A minimum score set by the organization is used to evaluate each application. If my applicant's grade level in high school in grades 8, 9, and 10 is too low, may I still be eligible for the Eagle Scout rank? Your Grade Level does not influence eligibility for the Eagle Scout rank. It is the application requirement that helps us evaluate the applicant's knowledge of life skills and leadership skills. Although the rank requires an application, a Scout can be awarded the rank regardless of his or her grade level. What is an Eagle Scout application? Eagle Scout applications are used for four purposes: Eligibility Evaluation To be included on the National Honor Roll of Scouts, you must complete the application and pay the required 30 application fee. To be listed as one of the five National Honor Roll Scouts under age 16, you must complete the application and pay the required 29 application fee. To earn National Merit and/or Distinction in Outdoor Leadership or Service Projects, you must complete the application and pay the required 25 application fee. To receive a Special Award or Award of Merit, you must complete the application and pay the required 15 application fee. To register with Scouts, you must complete the application and pay the application fee. Application Processing When processing your Eagle Scout application, you will complete a Scout Rank Application and also answer additional questions on the application. Your application will be returned to you in the mail. What if I cannot complete my application for one reason or another? You may still be eligible for the Eagle Scout rank.
In the United States, Eagle Scout rank is gained at 8 different locations across a state. Most rank-worthy applicants reside in the same geographic area. Since each of these locations and dates are different every year, your location will be a factor determining your rank eligibility in the 2019 Application Process and Selection Board. In the 2019, Application Process there are only eight regional and state sites where rank-worthy applicants could complete the Rank Application. In each of the states, each regional center and each of the states, there currently are Eagle Scout applications on file from approximately 1,150,000 eligible applicants. Eagle Scout applicants in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington can submit a Rank Application at their regional scout offices. Eagle Scout candidates in the state of Indiana can submit by January 28, 2019. In the 2018/2019 Selection Board application process, Eagle Scout candidates who do not reside in any of the eight locations or those who do not have any of their application forms, should submit the Application through The National Office at 901 South River Rd., South City, IN 47221. Eagle Scout applicants must complete a Rank Application to be eligible to participate in the 2019, Application Process and Selection Board. The Application is to fill out the application, indicate the rank they already hold, and submit all the required and optional pages and information to the Regional and State Scout Representatives. It is essential that all applications are submitted online. Eagle Scout rank application online forms are included in the 2 Application Process and Selection Board applications. Online applications are completed using your home or school email address. Note: To expedite the selection process (when needed), it may be beneficial to include information through the Application about the specific requirements of each rank level. If your home or school email addresses already contain this information, they are strongly encouraged to make sure they are included. Additionally, applications may include additional information related to Scout requirements regarding physical education, sports, special projects or participation in extracurricular activities. Each Eagle Scout candidate must apply for the rank the same year he earned them. Any rank that is not currently granted shall not be used again during the 2019 Application Process.
What are the deadlines? I have already sent in my application, now what does it take to get my Eagle Scout rank? It's important to note that the Eagle Scout rank application deadline is December 31, 2017 — however, any and all applications are reviewed in the order they are received. To be considered for Eagle rank, applications must be received during the 2017 – 2019 application period. Eagle Scout rank applications are reviewed in the following order: the original application, any requests for amendments, any appeals, the renewal applications, and/or any appeals. It's important to note that for the 2016 – 2017 application period, we had some applications received more than once, and others received without an application at all. Please know the deadlines will change as we receive more applications. My application for Eagle rank is in. When will I receive it? There is no specific date for Eagle Scout letter for applicants, but please know that applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and are not guaranteed to be processed until the application processing time limit. Please be patient with us. We will work toward processing your application as quickly as time permits. I have an existing rank. What should I do? You have a rank now — let's make it official! If you currently have a rank, and you are interested in Eagle rank, you will be required to update that rank with your Eagle Scout rank number. To receive your Eagle Scout letter as an updated Eagle Scout rank, you will want to send an updated Eagle Scout letter application to your Scouting Council. I want to be considered for Eagle rank. How can I make that happen? All Eagle Scout Rank Applications are reviewed on a first come, first-served basis, so ensure your applications are received by your local Scouting office at the top of the applicant processing time. When you reach out to your local council for assistance with applying for this rank, you will be eligible to provide additional information that will help your application be reviewed faster! What are the requirements for the Eagle Scout rank? If your rank is held by a Scout who has been serving and earned the rank, your council will need to send an updated Eagle Scout letter for you to provide.
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