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Do employers look at clubs and activities such as Boy Scout, Eagle?

Depends entirely on the employer. Particularly for those who were heavily involved in Scouting in their youth, and are involved again as adult leaders, the value of having been involved in Scouting is well known. They know what Scouting teaches, the amount of work required to earn Eagle Scout, etc. Conversely, an employer (or at least a hiring manager) who knows next to nothing about Scouting wont be able to evaluate what significance it holds. Itll be seen as an extracurricular activity, presumably positively (though recent media coverage seems to be trying to erode that perception), but the value such an individual would bring to the organization isnt plain from the title alone. I have heard many accounts of employers who would put an Eagle Scout at the top of the stack, or even hire one on the spot, but I couldnt tell you in terms of percentages what the likelihood of that might be.

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