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Is an Eagle Scout with a 4?

Youve got pretty awesome scores, but Ill share what my son had, who was denied by Cal EECS and UCLA 3 years ago. 4.2 GPA, 5s on 3 AP test scores 4 on two. 34 ACT and a 2280 SAT. National championship rowing jr. year, 2nd place at nationals senior year. He got into UCSD because a rowing coach carried his application and ultimately chose USCB because he no longer wanted to row and just liked it there better. It was a pretty big let down to see those rejection letters. Looking back its no big deal - hes an honors student in CS at UCSB and its hard to beat living on the ocean in Santa Barbara while in college. Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD and UCI engineering programs are all impacted by Chinese students who can pay out of State tuition. Send them to UC Merced if they want to study in California so bad. Other than being a white male in State applicant, my son had against him the lack of a story or showing a passion for engineering. He had zero coding experience. He also lacked leadership as someone helped me understand after asking questions. Good luck - shoot for the best, but be prepared just in case you get rejected.

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