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Does being an Eagle Scout look good on college applications?

Of course the fact that youve worked hard enough to earn the merit badges and meet the other criteria for becoming an Eagle Scout shows perseverance and commitment. However, your reasons, your motives for doing the work and the outcomes as you think theyve affected your character development and outlook on life are the real outcomes of this portion of the the scouting movement. The mere fact that youve been a badge bagger has little significance, especially if you ask the question, Does being and Eagle Scout look good? Rather, you should be asking yourself, What did the effort of working to become an Eagle Scout mean to me? How am I a different person because I made a commitment to becoming an Eagle? In my life, do I continue to fly like an eagle, with noble intent and real, significant leadership and followership? If you can answer these questions sincerely and earnestly in your college essay, you can stand out as a person whose future life will be informed by his own growth processes. You can demonstrate that you actually have made yourself into someone who can make distinctive contributions to the college community you join and the larger community where you will later work and raise a family. Never worry about how something looks, worry about how it has affected you and what youre going to do with what you learned.

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